6 Best Glute Exercises for Athletes


If you feel like it is time to get your glutes in shape, then these are the best exercises to do every day to reach that goal.

#1. The Walking Lunge

You can choose to do this exercise with or without weights based on your personal preferences. The key to a successful lunge is to get the basic movement patterns perfected. Then you can engage your hamstrings, core stabilizers, and quads while building strength and flexibility. If you use dumbbells, then hold them downward with this exercise.

#2. Weighted Step Ups

If your legs and glutes require more flexibility, then this is the exercise you’ll want to do every day. Step up as high as you can with a platform stack. You can use mats, stairs, or blocks to achieve the correct height. Just make sure that your step is stable before placing all your weight on its surface. Add dumbbells to increase the resistance you experience while moving upward.

#3. Single Leg Bridge

The benefit of this exercise for your glutes is that it isolates each side while providing activation. You will want to lie on your back. That lift one leg so that your knee is pointed toward the ceiling while you’re heel stays planted on the floor. Lift the other leg so that it is straight, with your toes pointing at the ceiling at a 45-degree angle. Then lift your glutes and back off the ground, keeping your shoulders flat.

#4. Hip Extensions

Many people think that this exercise is easy when they see someone doing it at the gym. It’s deceptively difficult. You will want to lay on an exercise ball on your stomach. Keep your legs up in the air, supporting all your weight as you roll forward gently onto your arms, much like you are doing a push-up. Then move forward even more, helping your hips as you lift your legs into the air.

#5. Overhead Lunge

If you have gotten used to doing the walking lunge and it doesn’t feel like a challenge anymore, then shift to this exercise. Take a weighted ball and hold it above your head. Keep your arms as straight as possible, maintaining a balance with your gravity to stand centered. Then perform a deep lunge, keeping your back knee just above the floor. Then hold this position for as long as you can. This exercise will engage multiple muscle groups and increase your flexibility.

#6. Full Squats

There is no better power exercise for your glutes than this one. Begin with no weight on the bar if that is what it takes, especially if you must learn the current movement patterns first. Then begin adding more resistance to the movements as you feel comfortable. This option improves your ankle and hip mobility, which can sometimes be lacking in athletes.

If you need to work on your glutes for your athletic endeavors, then these are the best exercises to consider adding to your routine. Spend a few minutes each day targeting this area, and you’ll begin to see noticeable results in about 3-4 weeks. 

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