7 Small Workouts that Engage the Whole Body


If you don’t have a lot of time to work out, then consider these small whole-body exercises as a way to promote better fitness in your life.

Small Workout #1: Basic Cardio

After you warm up, start jogging in place for about 30 seconds. Then move to high-knee jogs to increase the intensity of the workout. Add some pylo lunges, then put in some pylo jacks to keep your heart rate up. Finish with burpees, squat jumps, icebreakers, and mountain climbers.

Small Workout #2: Lower Body

After warming up, begin this workout session by doing four sets of 10 pulsing squats. Then move to lunges while holding heavy weights. Move to deadlifts, then an overhead press with your weights, before moving into a reverse lunge. Use one-leg sit and slides to work your legs. Finish with a wide-squat weight exchange.

Small Workout #3: Chest Exercises

Finish warming up, then move straight into some pushups. Do two sets of at least 20 in the correct form. Don’t rush them. Go nice and slow. Then do the same number of chest flies. Follow that up with 10 reps of a Y chest press, bringing weights together over your chest in the shape of that letter. Do another set of pushups, then finish with a strong set of chest presses.

Small Workout #4: Shoulder Exercises

Grab some resistance bands for this set. Begin with two sets of 15 reps with overhead presses with your weights. Then work on the lateral, side, and front raises for 10 reps. Move to high-end pulses with each set for an additional ten reps. Start your straight arm-band presses after this, followed by a rear delt flies band.

Small Workout #5: Back Exercises

Begin this workout session with a one-arm row, bending over with a flat back as you hold the weight towards the floor. Then move the elbow to pull the weight up, squeezing your back during this motion. Then do one-are reverse flies, followed by pulsing band rows in a bent position. Deadlifts and band high rows complete this workout. Do as many sets of 12 reps that you can for each exercise. 

Small Workout #6: Triceps

Start this session by using the lying triceps extension technique. Then perform dips on a chair, keeping your hips and back in alignment. Use kickbacks with rotation to encourage flexibility. Continue on with seated triceps extensions. Then finish with band kickbacks with pulses to target every segment of this muscle group.

Small Workout #7: Biceps

Now that you’ve reached the end of the week, you’re ready to do some biceps curls. Then do some hammer curls. Move on to do at least three sets of band crazy eights, followed by some concentration curls. Then do some preacher curls over a ball to finish the session.

You can also add core exercises to any of these routines to encourage better strength and stamina. With this formula, you can get through most workouts in 15 minutes or less without sacrificing the fitness gains that are possible. 

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