How to Get Fit in Just 6 Weeks


If you’re trying to get fit once again after a prolonged layoff, then the struggle becomes real during those first few moments of exercise. Your heart can feel like it’s about to pound out of your chest.

You might feel like you’re out of breath. Those lungs begin to scream in pain as you try to suck air.

This impact causes many people with conscious fitness intentions to quit.

Whether you’re trying to counter a sedentary job or you’re just a beginner to the world of fitness, these 45-minute workouts will get you back on track in six weeks or less.

Before You Start a New Fitness Plan

  • Talk to your doctor about any conditions, injuries, or concerns that could become problematic as you exercise.
  • Record your weight if you’re tracking how many pounds you want to lose.
  • Prepare for your workouts by purchasing needed supplies.
  • Gather any equipment you may need to get the work done.

Are You Ready to Begin Working Out? 

If you’re trying to become fit quickly, then it is essential that you prepare your muscles for this surge in exercise. Spend the first week focusing on stretching, light cardio, and some aerobic exercise. Add about 10 minutes of light strength training into the mix during the first week as well.

As you begin the second week of your journey, the time is right to start increasing the frequency and intensity of your exercise. Instead of doing 10 minutes of strength training, push that number up to 15 minutes. Do 25 minutes of cardio work. Then push yourself to reach a point of fatigue by the end of your workout sessions.

Once you reach the third week of your fitness journey, you should begin to start seeing some results. You may have lost a few pounds, so now your clothes are fitting better. There are health improvements to see as well, like walking up a set of stairs without feeling winded. Push your exercise sessions up another five minutes and increase the intensity levels once again. 

Then you’ll be ready to start interval work by the fourth day. Look for ways you can reduce stress in your life in-between your exercise sessions too. Proper fitness involves a healthy mind – not just a healthy body. Take at least one day of active rest during this week while you push yourself to do even more.

Once you reach the fifth week, you’re ready to push yourself to the next level. You should try to spend at least 60 minutes working out each day. Look for a time in the early morning, during your lunch break, or right away after work to get these results.

Then establish your routine in the final week. Keep to the schedule. Reward yourself for making it to this stage in your fitness. You might have a long way to go before you reach your final goals, but you made it to this one.

Now keep pushing yourself to keep doing something bigger and better each week. 

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