6 Small Lifestyle Investments That Create Large Dividends


If you’re already taking care of yourself, then you might wonder why some small lifestyle changes might be necessary. After all, you’re probably eating plenty of lean proteins and vegetables. You probably get regular exercise too.

These are all critical elements of good health.

Staying healthy is a complex process which requires ongoing tweaks and changes as your needs shift. Having strong daily habits that allow you to focus on your overall happiness will help you enjoy life to its full potential.

These small lifestyle investments might seem small, but they definitely offer some large dividends if you include them in your life.

#1. Add healthy fats to your diet.

Consuming a big platter of fried foods is not where we’re talking about here. There are healthy fats to include in your diet from items like olive oil, avocado, and nuts that promote a stronger immune system. These items even help your metabolism to encourage the body to consume more of its resources. Don’t be afraid of healthy fats. They’re a good thing to have around.

#2. Get some sleep every night.

If you get one hour or less of sleep each night than your body needs, your risk of obesity increases by more than 20%. Most people require between 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night. You can get up early once in a while or stay on late without dire consequences. Turning that into a routine can create ill health effects. Schedule time for sleep if that’s what it takes to get what you require.

#3. Stay hydrated.

If you feel thirsty, then your first step should be to get something to drink. This mechanism doesn’t start unless you’re already dehydrated. Then take this idea to the next level. When you start to feel hungry, assume that it is your body saying that it needs water. Drink an 8-ounce glass each time, and you can boost your metabolism levels by up to 30%.

#4. Make probiotics a priority.

You could take a probiotic supplement to promote a healthier lifestyle. A better option is to include foods which contain high levels of this healthy gut bacteria. Try to eat at least three servings each day of items like yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi, miso, or kombucha. 

Another option is to have a serving of pickles because these cucumbers offer high levels of probiotics and vitamin K, which is essential for blood clotting.

#5. Spend time with loved ones.

Spending time with the people you love leads to a healthier life. Ongoing intimacy improves the strength of your immune system, enhances sleep habits, and promotes stronger brain function. If you don’t have a partner – that’s okay too. You can still obtain the benefits of being intimate on your own.

#6. Let your feet start moving.

If you find yourself sitting all day, then an hour of heavy lifting isn’t going to cure the impact on your health miraculously. The benefits you receive from exercise are negated with prolonged periods of sitting. Even if you can only take a short walk around the office, spend five minutes being active at least once per hour.

When you watch what you eat and look for ways to stay active, then you can prolong your life. Add these investments into the mix to see what dividends they’ll pay you over time. 

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