The Best 5 New Year’s Resolutions to Make for Health


New Year’s resolutions offer a way to evaluate elements in your life that you may wish to change over the next 12 months. Some common ideas include traveling more, reading books, and spending more time with family.

Another popular resolution is to improve personal health in some way. That might mean trying to eat better, exercise more, or start losing some weight.

The only problem with a New Year’s resolution is that they rarely come true. 80% of people have already abandoned their good intentions before the month of January concludes.

If you would like to make some healthy changes in your life, then here are some ways to make the next 12 months become your best year yet.

#1. Do Less Instead of More

Modern culture says that the only way you can be better is if you’re willing to do more. That means you must be faster, better, or smarter than everyone else. Try shifting this dynamic when you make your resolutions. Instead of trying to do extra stuff, look for ways that you can step back or delegate.

#2. Find Kindness

If you can find more ways to practice kindness in your neighborhood or community, then there are some unique health benefits which could come your way. People who are kind to others also experience lower levels of stress, higher levels of happiness, and more mental peace. Simple acts of kindness which bring joy to others are very easy to do. You can volunteer at a food bank or buy someone a treat. Offer a smile to a stranger on the street.

#3. Connect with People

It’s easy to connect with people thanks to our social networks today. Online communication, however, is not the same as a meeting in real life. Take time each week to connect with the most important people in your life. Have a date for coffee or go to the movies together. Seek out meaningful conversations instead of texting on your smartphone. It is easier to approach mindfulness when there are fewer technological distractions around.

#4. Find Your Patience

There are endless activities and behaviors which will test your patience every day. Make the resolution to take a deep breath whenever it feels like someone is trying to make you angry. There are many opportunities to look for forgiveness in our world today instead of seeking out negative emotions. This option might seem challenging at first, but it will also make it easier to embrace an attitude of gratitude throughout the year.

#5. Embrace Curiosity

Curiosity might be problematic for cats, but it will also help you embrace your creative side. Start to question the things in your life without having an attachment to the answer. Even if you feel like you know everything about a specific subject, pretend that you don’t know anything. Observe the world, learn from others, and leave the judgments at home.

New Year’s resolutions should challenge us. Becoming a better person should be easy, but it isn’t because we get locked into our routines. Make these promises to yourself this year, then see what happens!

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