Does Meditation Prolong Your Life?


When you practice meditation, you are following a process that helps you to quiet the mind and focus inwardly for a specific time. Human civilizations have practiced this concept for thousands of years. We are no exception.

Regular meditation offers proven scientific benefits. It will promote relaxation, reduce stress levels, boost concentration, and balance your mood.

Does it also have the power to prolong your life? There is some evidence to suggest that it could.

How Meditation Helps the Body

The process of meditation works to create homeostasis within the body. It is through this effort that your mind can handle issues like anxiety and depression with greater resilience.

When you face fewer health concerns, then you can make a positive impact on your mortality.

Meditation will also create strength within your immune system. It reduces cortisol levels at the same time, reducing the risk of a cardiovascular incident in the future. Regular practice can even create proactive interventions for metabolic syndrome issues or atherosclerosis.

People who meditate regularly also visit their doctors less frequently. There are fewer hospital stays linked to meditation, and if admission is necessary, it is even shorter.

Regular meditation is even linked to a reduction of dangerous abdominal fat that can increase your personal risks of an adverse health event in the future.

What About Meditation and Longevity?

The results which are possible with meditation are almost as good for high blood pressure and similar health conditions as traditional drug therapies. Because you don’t need to worry about the side effects of medication when meditating, the net results for some people could be better.

More research is necessary to determine if meditation works for everyone. Early clinical studies show that you are 23% less likely to die of any cause when practicing transcendental meditation compared to those who do not. This same study showed that subjects were 49% less likely to die from cancer when researchers followed up with the participants.

Studies which date to 2005 looked at the effects of high blood pressure and participants who lived in an elderly residence. The average age of the participants in the study was 81. Those who practiced meditation for at least 15 minutes per day experienced benefits that gave them a better chance at life when compared to a control group with the average age of 67.

If you think that you’re too busy for meditation, then there’s an excellent chance that you already have high levels of stress in your life. The presence of consistent cortisol at high levels links to numerous potential health issues.

Even something simple, like deep breathing exercises, can help you to begin establishing a routine that includes meditation.

The research evidence is clear and growing. You can’t afford to ignore meditation. Not only will it help you deal with the issues of life, but it can also prolong the years you have on this planet. That means more time with your family, friends, and all the things you love. 

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