How to Fit Meditation into Your Daily Routine


Many people believe that they don’t have enough time in the day to start meditating.

As our lifestyles grow busier, the amount of free time that we have outside of our personal and professional responsibilities continues to shrink. It is a reasonable excuse to say that meditation takes up too much time.

When was the last time you could free up 20 minutes to do something that you loved?

What you may not realize about meditation if this description fits your life is that its impact is cumulative. That means the amount of time you spend over the course of 24 hours adds up.

Could you spend five minutes meditating during four different breaks during your day? Then you can fit in the 20 minutes of meditation that are recommended by most experts.

What about two 10-minute breaks during the day? You’d still receive the maximum benefit.

Ways to Make Time for Meditation When You’re Busy

The easiest way to add meditation to daily schedule is to create a 10-minute block of time in the morning, and then again right before you go to bed.

Try setting your alarm to go off 15 minutes sooner than usual. Give yourself five minutes to get moving, and then take advantage of this extra time to start meditating.

When you’re ready to start your bedtime routine, then begin that process ten minutes sooner. Use that block of time to complete your daily habit.

That’s really all it takes to add meditation to your life in a way that maximizes its benefit.

Other Ways to Fit Meditation into Your Schedule

If you don’t have a place where you can meditate regularly, then think about trying a different form of it to take advantage of its benefits. You can meditate while taking a walk, sitting in your car, or even when watching television with the family.

What matters most is that you do it in a way that is meaningful to your specific needs. Some people even meditate while they lie in bed.

There are no specific rules to follow here. The only element to consider is your time. If you can block out a space in your schedule which stays devoted to meditation, then you will discover that it is easier to incorporate this practice into your daily routine.

How to Get Started

The first thing you must do when adding meditation to your schedule is to limit your distractions. Turn off your phone, remove the computer, and silence anything that might notify you of a message.

Some people find it helpful to add white noise to the environment. Try running a space heater or a box fan when you meditate to avoid the distractions of YouTube and the internet in general to find your focus.

Then decide that this is a change you want in your life. Make it a top priority. We always make the time for the most important elements of each day.

There is no time like the present to begin this journey. Look for a time to start meditating, then commit to yourself that you will make this happen. 

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