6 Ways to Include Detox in Your Daily Routine


Toxins build up in your body every day because of your environmental exposure. It’s not just foods that cause this process to create physical adverse effects. Indoor and outdoor pollution, chemical exposure, and drug use are all potential builders of toxic effects on the body too.

You could go through an intensive detoxification process to restore your health. A better option would be to find ways to include detox activities in your daily routine.

Here are some ways that you can establish this new habit of detoxification in your life.

#1. Drink Detox Tea

Green tea is an excellent beverage that will help you start detoxing right away. You can choose other herbal teas if you prefer as well, including licorice, fenugreek, dandelion, or turmeric. Daily consumption will help you tone the liver, lower inflammation levels in the body, and improve your metabolism.

#2. Scrape Your Tongue

Numerous germs like to call your tongue their home. If you scrape it once per day, you can get rid of this nasty build up on a regular basis. Specialized tools will help you do this without creating pain. You can also use a spoon if you want to get started right away. If this option doesn’t sound appealing, then try brushing your tongue with your toothbrush twice per day with regular toothpaste.

#3. Exercise Often

Daily exercise is an excellent way to encourage the body to detoxify. Moderate movements help the lymphatic system to maintain a steady flow to support your health. Take a 15-minute walk during one of your breaks at work to develop this habit. Even a few jumping jacks here and there throughout the day is better than nothing.

#4. Eat Organically

Organic foods are beneficial because they don’t contain synthetic ingredients like processed or prepackaged items do. They offer limited exposure to pesticides or herbicides as well, which encourages the detox process to begin too. These foods tend to be denser from a nutritional standpoint, which means you get a better vitamin and mineral profile, which furthers the detoxification process as well.

#5. Clean Your Skin

Did you know that one-third of the toxins that your body removes each day go through the skin? One of the best ways to encourage this process is to spend some time dry-brushing this organ. Take a few minutes before your shower to use a bristle brush in sweeping motions, working your way up to the heart. This process removes dead skin cells to encourage the natural detoxification process.

#6. Sleep Well

You need at least six hours of sleep each night to encourage the detoxification process in your body. Getting less than that disrupts this vital process. Some people need up to 9 hours of sleep per day as part of their daily routine. Then make sure you visit the bathroom when you first get up because you’ll remove numerous toxins as you begin your morning routine.

Detoxing your body works best when you can stay hydrated, eat healthier foods, and keep your body clean. Follow these steps to create a beneficial daily routine! 

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