Why You Should Be Drinking More Water


If you’ve been trying to drink eight glasses of water every day, then it might be shocking to know that this was a guideline that wasn’t based on scientific evidence.

Water is the nutrients that your body needs. Everyone has a different requirement for it. Fluid losses occur continuously through various processes, from sweating to urination, which means replacement liquids are necessary to maintain homeostasis.

Your water intake must be at least equal to your output to avoid dehydration. Over 75% of people don’t get enough fluids, including some who follow the above guidelines, for this very reason.

These are the reasons why you should be drinking more water.

#1. It Maintains Balance

The human body is about 60% water. Absorption, circulation, saliva creation, and digestion all rely on the functions offered by your bodily fluids. When you don’t get enough to drink, your thirst mechanism kicks in, so listen to it. Grab anything but alcohol to give your body the fluid increase it wants.

#2. It Controls Calories

People tend to overeat because they mistake feelings of thirst for hunger. If you drink a full glass of water about 30 minutes before you eat a meal, then you can reduce your caloric intake because it causes you to feel fuller sooner. Try to eat more foods that are rich in fluids as well, such as soups, fruits, or vegetables.

#3. It Keeps Your Skin Healthy

Your skin requires water to do its job as a protective barrier for the rest of your body. When you don’t get enough fluids, then your skin can look wrinkled and dry. Let your kidneys take care of any extra liquids that you’re drinking by making sure you get enough water every day. Then lock-in that moisture by using a product, like a lotion or cream, that prevents it from evaporating prematurely.

#4. It Energizes the Muscles

Muscle fatigue occurs when there are not enough electrolytes to fuel their cells. If you’re not getting enough water to drink, then the cells won’t work as they should, which creates issues with performance. If you exercise regularly, then try to drink about 16 ounces of fluid around two hours before you plan to exercise for the best results. This habit will reduce the risks of dehydration when you start sweating.

#5. It Helps Your Kidneys

Urea nitrogen is the primary toxin found in the human body. It is a water-soluble waste which passes through the kidneys before being expelled as urine. This process cleanses the body and improves energy levels. If you’re not getting enough water to drink, then the toxic waste can begin forming kidney stones. It will also support healthy bowel function.

If you find yourself struggling to consume enough water every day, then try having something to drink with each meal or snack that you have. Choose beverages that you enjoy. Eating more fruits and vegetables will help. Then try to keep a bottle of water with you at all times so that you can avoid high-calorie options like soda or fruit juice when you feel thirsty.

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