5 Mental Strategies to Use for Weight Loss


Dieting is more than a choice. It is a mental strategy.

You must figure out the pieces to the puzzle that will encourage you to keep losing weight, even if there are temptations all around you.

If you’re struggling with your weight-loss plan right now, then here are some ways that you can give yourself more strength through the power of your mind.

#1. Never Become Discouraged

Choose to be patient with yourself. Don’t listen to the voice that says your efforts are pointless. Be satisfied with the pace that you choose. If you stick to a smart plan and keep your goals at the forefront of your mind, then you will eventually succeed. No amount of self-doubt will change that.

#2. Stay Accountable

Tell people about your desire to lose weight. Ask them to encourage you when there are temptations around that could throw you off-track. You can even ask people on Facebook or Twitter to hold you accountable to the fitness goals you have set for yourself. There is no better way to achieve a weight loss plan then to have someone you trust making sure that you’re doing the work which is necessary.

#3. Scales Are Tools

Having a scale at home will keep you accountable to your weight loss goals as well. Instead of weighing yourself multiple times per day, try tracking your weight once per week. Remember to wear similar clothes during your weight check (or no clothes at all) to receive a realistic figure on this tool. You don’t need to worship this item to achieve your fitness goals. Pay attention to how your clothes fit and your physical appearance more than this number.

#4. Set Small Goals

Everyone who tries to lose weight tends to have an overall figure that they want to reach. Instead of focusing on this final number, set small goals for yourself instead. Try to lose 5 pounds this month instead of focusing on the 60 pounds you want to shed for the year. 

If you’re trying to reduce the amount of soda that you drink, reduce it by one serving instead of going cold turkey. Progressive steps are easier to celebrate, which encourages you to enjoy the dieting process more.

#5. Reward Yourself

One of the best ways to encourage a positive outlook on dieting is to reward yourself every time you reach one of your progressive goals. This structure creates joyful reinforcement that encourages you to reach for the next step in your journey. Avoid food-based rewards to help yourself feel better. Give yourself a spa day, a trip to the movies, or a new book to enjoy instead.

It is essential that you check in with yourself every day when dieting to understand how you feel. Keeping track of your journey with a diary that looks at your weight loss successes and struggles will help you to see where you’ve been, and where you still need to go. By staying accountable to yourself, you can find an honest approach that helps you reach that ultimate goal. 

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